Hi guys before you say anything about Kevin or Skar first off I bought this for her awhile ago and know nothing as to why people have issue's with him. I just see "SKAM" and such on posts. Anyways My wife has a 2010 atima Bose and reverse camera so we stayed with the factory unit. My friend Dave on here a.k.a Flastrongman Built a 4th order box for two vvx8's and We just had it installed. Im only running one untill we order the next and I have to say that lil bugger gets down. For what she wants/ listens to we are very pleased with the sub and the box we recieved. Its being powered on a apsm1300 single at 1ohm and yes it does sound as if she has a 10'sub in the trunk. Cant wait too get the second and really see what this box will do with two 8's.

again im happy with the sub weather its this or that so just be nice please. I dont flame others for having this or that. Its all about what makes you happy and for 135 this sub does the trick

Pics coming soon