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    Focus custom build

    Here is a ford focus I built a few years ago.

    Mike Schwitz
    Installer/ Fabricator
    Audio Video Extremes
    Waite Park, MN

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    Re: Focus custom build

    Good work man. Those aren't anything that I would personally drive but you do what the customer wants and you do it well. Good job

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    Re: Focus custom build

    I drive a hatchback 2 dr focus.... me no gusta. . .

    Honestly I see no reason the car had to be made into a 2 seater either..

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    Re: Focus custom build


    Western Rep.

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    Re: Focus custom build

    well if you get bored on a long trip you can just watch a d....oh

    Quote Originally Posted by audioholic View Post
    I look for a girl with lowered standards, and possibly a vision problem. Depth perception and size awareness problems are a definite must. Also must like river-dancing and hideous, irreversible burn scars.

    What can I say, Im an old fashioned kind of guy.

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