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Reload Thread: HCCA 10" for SQ

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    HCCA 10" for SQ

    HCCA 10" for SQ-2012-11-09_21-17-25_620.jpgHCCA 10" for SQ-2012-11-09_21-17-42_355.jpgHCCA 10" for SQ-2012-11-11_10-25-29_473.jpgHCCA 10" for SQ-2012-11-11_17-13-23_63.jpgHCCA 10" for SQ-2012-11-18_13-45-56_317.jpgHCCA 10" for SQ-2012-11-18_13-46-08_921.jpgHCCA 10" for SQ-2012-11-18_15-23-15_69.jpgHCCA 10" for SQ-2012-11-18_15-23-30_563.jpgThis is going in a 2012 2dr Jeep Rangler Rubicon for an SQ application. ORION of course markets the subwoofer as necessitating the use of 1" MDF for enclosure construction. After contacting a company I've used for 18yrs to procure the 1" material, I found out they didn't have any and it took the better part of a week to locate the stuff in another state.

    I picked up the sheet and got busy on what you see below. It was designed by PWK to yield a relatively flat response at the headrest, over a pretty wide bandwidth. This target response necessitated what you see here, an aperiodically-coupled bass reflex. It was easy enough to build, once the weather cleared back up. It was finished this afternoon and should be packaged, insured and shipped tomorrow.

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    Re: HCCA 10" for SQ

    Hmm. Oughta be interesting.

    REFS alot

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    Re: HCCA 10" for SQ

    The enclosure looks killer. Your sq build will definitely be unique with an hcca sub in there.

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