As title states, im starting a new SPL build in my 2009 BMW X3. I may compete a little at SBN and other comps around the central FL area, but basically want my daily driver to be loud, balanced and want suggestions on a Flip out unit that has the best tuning capabilities, nav, dvd while being the best bang for my buck.

Sub stage- none (Price doesnt matter here I want quality, and creativity)
Complete front stage-$1200 max

-Not including any misc stuff.

-Im looking for new everything...

Be creative please! My idea for substage was to do 1 15" DC audio LVL 5 on a DC 3.5k, the most I will be able to fit vented is 2 15s without doing a wall... Which I do not want.

All help will be taken into consideration and will be appreciated!