Hello all, new to the forum. Wasn't sure where to post but since I'm starting a new build I figured this would be the place! I've got a 94 chevy ext. cab truck (show truck) but I do drive it often. I cannot for the life of me figure out what to put back in it system wise. Previous setups were two 15's on 2000 rms. Last setup was four 10's on 2000 rms. All of my setups have been sealed boxes.Even tho it's a show truck I'm not really wanting to to any competitions. I'm leaning more towards sq but still want to be loud as ****. I'm starting over from scratch so I have no amp or subs or even a box. A ported box is not out of the question, never built one and not affraid of a challenge just as long as I can still get alot of "impact" out of it as you could a sealed. I've been eyeballing the new Skar ma-8's (four of them) just because I've never ran 8's but I'm affraid it just wouldn't be loud enough but I know they would give me the "impact" I'm after. But also any sub can do that in a well designed box. Sorry for the long first post, any help or pointers will be appreciated!