I just got this car, it is actually my first car that is all my own.

I was going to go cheap and small, but then some used items came together at I price I liked so I decided to go a little bigger.

My total cost is currently at $530.00 with wiring wood etc. I still have yet to buy screws and a few pieces of 4g wire

Seeing as it is almost impossible to locate power wire I'm not sure how long this will be on hold or how much more I will have to put into it $500 was my budget I don't want to go too far over..

Here is a list:

-Wire: Sound Quest 1/0 kit, has 5 crimp terminals, 17' 1/0, 3' 1/0, 17' RCA, 17' remote wire for under 40$ shipped. The quality is excellent on the power wire, very flexible and it is also over sized, closer to 2/0g than 1/0g. Everything else in the kit was mediocre...

-Sub: 15" d2ohm IA Lethal injection in a 2cf sealed enclosure.

-components: Lanzar OPTI6.1

-HU: Sony CDX GT510, from like 4 or 5 years ago..

-Sub amp: Diamond Audio D3 1000.1

-Comp amp: Zapco AG 150

Here are some pics: