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Reload Thread: 2006 Honda Accord build

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    2006 Honda Accord build

    Alright first off I am not putting a dash kit in to change from my stock head unit.

    I decided not to touch that part as the deck kit looks brutal.

    I have decided on my gear and was wondering if there are any opinions on it. And for the money and audio quality ratio.

    Went with the JL Cleansweep OEM integration unit. The thing sounds beauty as well as has the AUX input (unfortunately unEQed but I will have to live.) so I can have a hookup without putting in a garbage FM modulator.

    Front speakers are the JL C3 650 6.5" Component speakers. I would have liked the C5s but they were a bit pricey.
    Back speakers are the JL C3 650 Components as well. Read deck fits the 6x9 speakers but am going to modify it to fit my 6.5s.
    To power those speakers both front and back I chose the XD400... I want the HD600/4.. sigh, but I can't afford it.
    In the trunk in a sealed box I have two 10" JL w3v3's to give the car a little bass.
    Please tell me what you think. Any suggestions or constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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    Re: 2006 Honda Accord build

    Well thats more than a "little bass" lol!

    I think if money is an issue you could do without the rear speakers, especially cause most people don't run them at all. They kinda make sense if you have rear seat passengers though.

    I understand not wanting to change the stock look for something rather ugly.. I honest;y have no idea how converters compare to after market HU pre amps.

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    Re: 2006 Honda Accord build

    I am willing to bet you are having a shop do the work and along with the over priced equipment you are losing a crap ton on install..

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