Ok so this is my first build, pretty much my first DIY really. I will be updating this post as I go cause i dont have alot of time to work on it.

4ch amp kicker kx800.4
Mono amp mmats 1100d
Component set: Hertz mlk 165
sub: 10'' jlw6v2
Sealed enclosure atm. (plan on having ported box built by mobile enclosures within a few months)
Head unit: alpine cda 117
Electrical: 1/0 knu main wire, knu inline fuse, knu distribution block

Ok so now this is what i have done so far.

This is the door i had to deal with.. trying to seal all those bends was a pain in the ***.
First build in the works-door.jpg

Lined the inside of the panel with audio technix.
First build in the works-door1.jpg

Bought some aluminum sheets and lined them with some more audio technix, cut 4 separate sheets to fit the 4 holes, used self tapping screws to screw them into the panel. After I had the door panel sealed up i lined everything with more audio technix (wish i had more pics of that process but had no time sorry)
First build in the works-door2.jpg

and on top of that i added a layer of CCF for more dampening and acoustic insulation. And the next 2 pics are the results of both doors.
First build in the works-door3.jpg
First build in the works-door4.jpg