This is a car that was built in 1996 or so, I originally had planned out and purchased all my stuff for the car...I had bought a Clarion pro audio headunit, Altec lansing components, 2 zapco z400's and 2 zapco z600's. For subs i had 4 12" solobarics.

I always attended the local usac and db drag shows and my local audio store Stereo West and Rockford Fosgate presented a deal to me on a system designed and layed out for a mustang and what better then a mint 1993 red mustang cobra.

I sold all me equiptment i had bought and went for it, These are pictures of pictures, so they arent the best but give you an idea what it was!

System was the following: Rockford head unit and changer, RF epx2, mids and highs were dynaudio ran by a rf 400x4 and subs were 8 punch 15''s ran by 4 punch 200's.

Electrical was a phoenix gold alternator with one rf battery up front and 4 rf batteries in back.