The Malibu is currently out of commission. Going to start with a HUGE rebuild in order to take SBN in Daytona Beach by storm!. I will be posting pics and updates as they happen

Old build videos-

Skar Audio Video Contest Entry!

Skar Audio 8 VVX 12's in 4th Order Bandpass! [email protected] - YouTube

Skar Audio hair trick at SBN last year

Skar audio hair trick - YouTube

Kevin of SKAR Audio giving the business!

Riding Clean with SKAR Audio - YouTube

New Build Progress Pics

DC Power 320A High Output Alternator

6 Deka 105AH 8a31's replacing 2-220AH Lifelines

2-SKAR Audio SK-4500's

Glassed center console from Epicenter Designs
For 2-6.5s and Clarion EQ

Last Build claimed 1 Windshield so far!

Pic of the car at the last show in Orlando before rebuild

Before Pic BHE Build #1