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    First Setup (Front Stage)

    Hey all, I've been on the forums a while and have been reading and talking to people through out the past few weeks and months. I figured out what set up was best for me and what i wanted to do. I decided on doing a front stage set up and i found someone who was willing to set me up with something. I got 6.5 Inch Coaxial Digital Designs along with a Aura Force 250 A Old School Amp. I also got a Phoenix Gold Wiring Kit and some Digital Design Tweeters. I am posting many pictures because i want you guys to be able to help me through the installation process and i want to share how it goes.

    I have everything out of my car and i'm waiting till i get some time to install everything. I won't be driving it any time soon so it's fine if it's torn apart for the moment. I tore my ACL and Mensiscus playing football and am in a brace for at least a month. So in the mean time till i get time to install everything i will ask some questions i'm still unsure about.

    Is that thick black wire the ground wire? If so i have to find a grounding spot very close to the amp for it?

    The blue wire i was told is a remote turn on wire? How do i connect that to my Head Unit?

    The firewall hole that was in there to start with doesn't go into the car cleanly, it's too high so will i need to drill a new one? If you see the zip tie i found a place it comes out on the inside but i imagine it's not good to keep that there since it's touching another piece of tubing.

    What would you recommend for wiring and what wires can't touch each other? I can run them up the middle since i took everything out there. Also is there anything i need to check when running wire from the trunk to the inside of the car? Will the back seat crush or catch any wires i run?

    How do i go about mounting the amp in the trunk? I had asked if i could mount it on the back seat but was told that the support bars get in the way of that.

    I live in Minnesota and it gets cold here as all of you know. Will this cause any problems with the amp in the trunk? Should i be concerned with the cold weather at all?

    Do i need to buy new speaker wire? And how do i run that? I would have to run it from the amp to the headunit and follow the old speaker wire back to the front speakers?

    How do i go about attaching the fuse to the power wire?

    Sorry if this seems like a lot of questions but i'm new and i want to make sure i do it right the first time and learn the correct way to do it. Here are some pictures to help. I will be updating this and probably asking more questions! Any and all help will be great! I thank you in advance! I want to thank Louisiana_CRX for all the equipment he sold to me along with all the help he gave me and i want to thank Kangaroux, pro-rabbit and audioholic for the help they gave me.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails First Setup (Front Stage)-p1010454.jpg   First Setup (Front Stage)-p1010449.jpg   First Setup (Front Stage)-p1010450.jpg   First Setup (Front Stage)-p1010451.jpg   First Setup (Front Stage)-p1010452.jpg  

    First Setup (Front Stage)-p1010453.jpg   First Setup (Front Stage)-p1010455.jpg   First Setup (Front Stage)-p1010456-copy.jpg  

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    Re: First Setup (Front Stage)

    PM me

    RIP Maynard "My heart"

    1996 Ford Explorer 4 door XLT
    HU - Eclipse cd-7100 "active"
    Front Stage - 2 Alphard mx60 mids- 2 Alphard mx80 mids - 4 Hertz ST25's
    Front Stage amp - 2 Alphard 200.4
    Subwoofer - Custom
    Subwoofer Amp- Soundigital 8.8k
    Box - 3.5cf tuned @ 33hz
    Wiring/Electrical - 4/0awg weld, JY 79.8Ah lithium, 290&370 hair JS Alternator

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