I need an experts choice. I had originally bought Orion discontiued tweeters from a shop where I live. The guy talked me into it and I was to happy and excited and blind and got charged 90 for em. My niece damaged one of the tweeters and I sent them in to the mfc to see if they could repair them. They hooked me up with the top of the line modle tweeters that are roughly 30 to 40$ more than I had spent. The link for them is here Orion ...however i do have infinity kappas the 6.5" speakers in all my doors... they are the 2007 models but they sound amazing and i got them for free anyways...anyways the infinity tweeters i was looking at are these and i can get them cheap but dose that mean they are not as good? anyways...some one tell me something of some sense..heres the link Infinity - Car Audio

Thank you for any help I can get