Spent the weekend driving a friend's car that had an extensively built system and it changed my life for the weekend. Made such a difference.

I'm ready to do the same for myself, and really don't have any idea how far to take it. One local place set up one set of plans, Crutchfield advises another. I'd really appreciate it if anyone had some thoughts as to what would be the best step.

Here's what I have:
06 Accord EX 6MT w OEM nav.
Aftermarket Parrot added

Here's what matters:
- SQ. I listen to tons of music, wide variety, but very little "thumping" type stuff. I also listen to a ton of talk radio.
- Want to keep stock HU.
- Parrot needs to keep working (or be replaced with something equally good)
- Would like an ipod in (and I DO listen to XM as well)
- High end. I want to do it once and be done.

I don't care about impressing anyone except the people in the car, and am happy to have as much of it hidden as possible.

I'm willing to spend what it takes, but wouldn't want to spend money unnecessarily. Local guy recommended Focal comps, sub, amp, etc., hitting about 2K. Crutchfield recommended higher end Polk comps, Infinity powered sub, and Infinity amp, and Cleansweep hitting about $1200.

I could probably do it myself (read a ton online and am decent with this kind of stuff) with some help, or would be willing to pay a shop.

Really, I'd appreciate any advice.