YouTube - SDC10354.AVI

YouTube - SDC10355.AVI

Second video is uploading now. Got the car cleaned out last night, box resealed, big 3 done, cd dash kid fixed (plastic clips broke, fabricated some stainless steel ones and riveted them in) HID's put in, headlamps buffed to factory clear, amps tuned. Enjoy :beer:
Plans for this summer is a new box and a second 9512g. Voltage doesn't drop below 13.6 with big three done, solid grounds and the yellow top.

PWK box this summer

Pioneer HU
DD9512g Wired to 4 Ohm load
Duel ED nine.1's Strapped, Two ohm load per
Infinity reference 5x8's in the doors
****ty tweets, New ones on the way, focal
All 0/1 to distro blocks
1800ish watts