I'm getting ready to put in my clarion nz409 if you guys have any advice i would really appreciate it.

Also my radio got stolen, among other things while seeing family on xmas hence the new deck. I have a very good alarm system with remote start, tilt sensors, etc. The remote on the key chain will beep and show you if someone has touched it. But with no one there, and still cant believe the neighbors came out to the insanely loud alarm. What are some other measures i could take to address this?

Got some 5x7s im going to install with a sub as well. Do i need to run new speaker wire for the 5x7s to hook it up to the amp, and you need a distribution block to run two amps correct?

Any advice is grateful. Hope you guys don't ever have to go through getting your equipment stolen. My brain can't even process like that.