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Reload Thread: 2000 echo, with DC 15" (my first build)

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    Re: 2000 echo, with DC 15" (my first build)

    I think you did a pretty good job for your first build. If you are happy with the results then that's great.

    I thought I'd add a little useful info for everyone to clear some things up.
    People are really confused about aero's and pvc indicates the fact that it is flared to reduce turbulence and improve airflow (on both ends). PVC can be made into a homemade aero by creating you own flares but very few people do this. Here's an example I made:

    I have done testing that proves that flared ports (round and slot) outperform unflared versions. The more power you apply or cone surface you add makes the problem worse. A safe rule of thumb for calculating flare "effective length" is half the physical length; so a flare that's 2" long can be calculated as 1" of port length. It does depend on the flare radius but it's not enough to matter in most cases.

    3" port =7 sq"
    4" port=12.5 sq"
    6"port= 28 sq"

    The formula for this is just: area of a circle= 3.14(R x R)

    Clearly (2) 3" ports DOES NOT equal (1) 6" port and a round port is not always superior to a slot and vice versa. Its application dependent and you need to balance box size to port area with regard to power and sub capability.

    OP-sorry for a small thread jack I just thought people could use the info!

    Dave The Box Guy

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    Re: 2000 echo, with DC 15" (my first build)

    Quote Originally Posted by Worstenemy453 View Post
    Oh lol i thought they were 3"

    Man you just showed your ignorance. Its the same thnig, these just are not flared. and flares are not necessary, they just reduce noise if you have a noise problem. What do you think PSP aeros are, they are PVC with a thinner wall. Why do you think the PSP-Inc calculator gives lengths for both flared and unflared.

    Now since you dont realize this. 3 4" aeros are better than 1 12" aero so do you think a 12" aero isnt big enough too, he might have too much port area.
    3.14*4*3 = 37.68
    3.14*36 = 113.04

    Swing and a miss on your area calculation, but most of your posts are spot on
    Or were you referring to the OP's build specifically?

    But anywho, if ~37.68sqin is working for OP's 6 cube enclosure and he's happy with it, then hooah!
    Glad your first build went well!

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    Re: 2000 echo, with DC 15" (my first build)

    thanks, you guys agree that I have enough port area???

    Subs : 2 x 12" Sundown Z V.2
    Mids : Focal 165 A3 + 6x9's polk audio db691
    Amps : SAZ 3500 & MB Quart DSC 4125
    HU : JVC El Kameleon KD-AVX44 // EQ : AP EX7
    Batt: 3 x XS power 1400's + 200a Mechman Alt / 50 ft of welding cable / 80sf second skin
    Refs: Sundownz / Mike465 / SicAudio / Rusty_DC / chillin / power-fanatic07 / Silver

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