How to Edit Photos on Mac?
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Photo Editor Mac - powerful mac photo editor

mac photo editor programsThis page is about a detailed guide for how to edit photos on Mac. Mac photo editor programs are recommended to help you edit photos on Mac OS, and Mac Photo Editor free download is provided here.

Camera owners and other users may need to edit photos on Mac. Is there any handy tools besides the complicated and expensive Adobe Photoshop? Some one may resort to the free online photo editor. It is rather unstable and inconvenient. Here I highly recommend this Photo Editor for Mac, which is the most powerful and easy to use tool to help Mac users to edit photos.

This practical-first tool is designed to help you use photos to create greeting card, photo collage, scrapbook, wallpaper, CD cover, calendar, etc. Refer to the solutions on the right bar to see detailed guide. The following concentrates on how to edit photos.

How to Edit Photos on Mac?

Photo Editor for Mac enables you to zoom/rotate/crop photo, adjust effect and apply artistic effects, add mask/text/decorations/border/shadow to photo. Rich settings can help you customize each editing and get the exact effect as you want. And you can see the output effect in real time.

Firstly, you need to free download Photo Editor for Mac, then install and launch this tool, click "Create Collage" to continue.

Secondly, choose the template you like. Click "More Templates.." to get further 100+ refined templates.

Then you can drag and drop your photos into the template and start the editing.
Effect: select a photo, and click Effects button to choose your desired effect from the available ones: Soft Focus, B&W, Shadow, Pixelate, Original, Antique, Frosting, Mattle, and Outline. All effects can be previewed and compared with the original one right in the middle.

Adjust: click to tweak photo Exposure, Gamma, Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, and Sharpness to make your photos look better

Mask: add special shape to photo and make it perfectly combined with background. You can choose from Telescope, Ellipse, Heart, Spindrift, Original, Water-trail, Eddy, Canvas, and Ripple.

Zoom and Rotate: select a photo, click Zoom/Rotate button, hold mouse and drag to zoom or rotate photo respectively.

Note: when you click a photo, a frame and bar will appear around it and a panel will show under it. You can drag bar to rotate photo and drag frame to zoom photo. The panel also works. You can also use it to adjust the photo position.

Decoration: you can click this button to add cute decorations to photo and all decorations can be zoomed and rotated.

Option: here you can add border and shadow to photo frame and customize the color, width, angle, capacity and other settings.

Textbox: add text to photo and choose the font, color, size, etc. You are even allowed to add shadow and stroke to text.

All these editing functions can be easily achieved within a few clicks, with this powerful Photo Editor for Mac. If you don't need this powerful functions, just want to resize/zoom/crop photos, please clickMac Picture Editor. Mac Image Editor,Mac Facebook Photo Editor