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By Jenny

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Well, since the above game is provided for entertainment, some informative contents may also be appreciated. Do you know something about the origins of Halloween? Do you know why current people go in various costumes on Halloween? The following info will unveil the keys to these questions.

More than 2000 years ago, European Catholic Church classified November 1 as “ALL HALLOWS DAY”. "HALLOW" means that the saints. It is said since 500 BC, the Celtics, who were living in Ireland, Scotland and other places, moved forward this festive day to October 31. They thought this day was the formal end of the summer, that is, the New Year, the beginning of the harsh winter.

At that time, people believed that on this day, the spirits of the dead men would come back to find the bodies of living creatures, so as to regenerate. And it is the only chance to be reborn after the death. The living were afraid of being seized by the spirits of dead men, thus people put out fire and candlelight on this day, so that the souls could not find them, meanwhile, they got themselves dressed as ghosts and goblins to scare away the dead souls. Later, they rekindled the fire and candlelight to start the life of New Year. It is also said Celtic tribes at that time had the custom of killing the living to pay homage to the dead.

In the 1st century AD, the Roman people, who occupied the territory of Celtic tribes gradually accepted the Halloween customs, and abolished the brutal sacrifice of firing the living for the dead. Romans’ celebration on the harvest festival and the Celtic ritual combined together, people wore frightening masks, and dressed as animals or monsters to drive away demons wandering around them. This is the origin of why people nowadays celebrate Halloween in costumes. With the passage of time, the meaning of Halloween has changed gradually, becoming active and happy, happy flavor has come into the mainstream. Dead souls back to the World claims to find a substitute has gradually been abandoned and forgotten. Even today, the symbol images of Halloween, such as witches, black cats, etc., are all have lovely, friendly, and funny faces.

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