-Kicker 0/1 gauge wire
-'big 3' will be done with 0/1 gauge
-I am going to sound deaden and seal the daylights out of the doors
-I contemplating 2 Sound Splinter RL-I 8s or 10s instead (down the road)
-I am contemplating buying PPI 356CS components at the time of install

This vehicle is going to require significant amounts of sound deadening. It has more interior squeaks and knocks than any vehicle I've owned.

I am looking for suggestions on where to mount the tweeters, preferably from someone who has experience with S10 series doors.

Anyone in the Atlanta area with experience setting up and tuning an EQ (owns a spectrum analyzer)? I would love to learn from someone who is very knowledgeable. I will pay you in good beer, assistance with mechanical auto repairs, or... cash?