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    New Setup!

    started from scratch too!

    as said in my sig,
    custom 15'
    ported box 3.5 cubes tuned to 32 hz
    hertz hsk165s
    audiopipe ap18001d
    arc ks300.2
    1g wiring for batts, 4g for the amps
    c&d tech batt.
    200 amp fuse for the main batt
    120 amp fuse for the audiopipe to rear batt
    100 amp fuse for the arc amp to the rear batt
    big 3 (lawl, i still haven't finished the big 3 yet)
    don't even need a new alt! at least not yet.. there is NO dimming what so ever! but i am gonna buy a voltage reader and make sure im still up in the 12-13's.

    it's a little messy, i didn't wanna care about how neat it looks and the wiring, that's more time consuming. i'm a very lazy man.

    will post videos of the setup tomorrow after class!

    i want to thank james for the sub,amp wires, vitas for the box, scottie for the big 3, vic for that HUGE batt, toby for the ring terminals!

    thank you all again for helping me with my setup!

    Refs: lyttle viet, 2002XLT, alxmlr789, BushJ311, scottiej, vitveet, Goindef154, vic713, {:C:}, the dude, dbaudio, mr_kebo, tristanmay, 2000LaDe, AQsrt4 (on - dafobbishon3), (Ebay - dafobbishon3)
    Quote Originally Posted by bubbagumper6 View Post
    Well judging by your noob-ness, I'm guessing it's a prefab in other words I could probably blow a fart louder than her subs
    Quote Originally Posted by jart27 View Post
    I would suck a fart out of her azz and hold it like a bong hit
    Substage:Custom 15 by Ssackett : Audiopipe AP1800.1D
    -3 hard spiders, woven tinsels, 8 layer flat wound coil, 12 spoke basket
    Enclosure: 3.5 cubes @ 32 hz (compliments of vitveet)
    Frontstage: Hertz HSK165 : Arc KS300.2

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    Re: New Setup!

    how you like that 1800 i just got one

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    Re: New Setup!

    looks nice any vids?

    2001 Honda Civic EX
    power acoustik 8" over sized touch screen
    doors Stock
    1- Atmos Audio 18
    1- Audiopipe 1000d mini @2 ohms
    Electrical stock for now"]My old System"]If you Need Beats click this"]

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    Re: New Setup!

    nice fire hazzard under the hood!

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