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Reload Thread: 2005 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab project

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    2005 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab project

    Well I am new here and have lots of questions and would like lots of advice so this seems to be the best place to post.
    First off, I listen to pretty much everything, with the exception of country and hard core rap. I'm not looking to annoy my neighbors or everyone else that comes within 2 miles of me. I just want a nice sounding system that is pleasing to the ears and I can feel in my soul.
    Second, I have already purchased some components and don't want to sell them off so if they are not the best, or I did not make the best decision let me know how to realistically best use them in my truck.
    Third, I need to be able to use the seats where they are and I don't want kick pods to get in the way of my space so everything has to fit in the doors.
    Fourth I want to keep it as simple as possible without the latest and greatest items that I really don't need.
    So I first bought a JVC KW-NT1 navigation/reciever unit. Seemed like it got good reviews and most importantly I am happy with it after having it for a few months now. It has a removable face which I love since I had my pioneer previer nav./reciever unit stolen.
    I recently purchased a pair of Infinity Perfect 6.1 components and an Infinity Reference 475A amp. to power them. I bought this with the advice of some local car audio places and with the advice over at crutchfield. After looking through this forum I see that I may not have made the "best" choice but it has been made so I need to use them.
    So I bought the amp. with the advice of using it to power a pair of components for the front and a pair of components for the rear. My question is, should I run the Infinity Components in the rear and fade them down and run a better quality component in the front? If so what are some suggestions for better components to fit in my front doors? The amp is rated at 75 RMS per speaker and I think that should be ample for what I am after. I do have people in the rear so I would like to upgrade the factory junk so they too have the pleasure of nicer speakers. I have read that some people don't think upgrading rear speakers is worth it for staging and such.
    Next I plan to run 2 JL 10 inch subs under the rear seat. Don't think I can fit anything bigger than that due to cubic feet requirements and I don't want to raise the seat any. I was thinking the 10W3 would be nice and it was suggested to run an MTX 1000 amp to push them. Anyone have a better option?
    Next I need to sound deaden the doors and would like advice on a good product to use that won't break the bank. I need to deaden both inner and outer panels and I know from experience it gets expensive fast.
    As far as wiring the amps. I was thinking of running one 2-4 guage power wire to the first amp rather than running individual power wires from the battery to both amps. Anyone see this as problematic? Also can anyone recommend a good complete wiring product that won't break the bank?
    I am a bit of a picture ***** so lots of pics to follow. This system will be heard but not seen so no fancy fabrication to display my components.

    Thanks in advance for the advice.
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