Congrats on getting a car from your grandparents! Seriously, that's the best way to get one. They probably bought it new; it's probably got a clean record; it's probably got low miles; it's probably in awesome condition. That's how I got my Caprice. Although I'm not a Ford/Mercury fan, I do like Grand Marquis and Crown Vics. There's just something about a big, rear wheel drive, body on frame, V8 powered car.

I'd definitely recommend getting an alarm or another car to drive to school. I go to school in Hammond, IN; the area is okay, but it's close to some pretty sh*tty areas. I have an alarm on my Caprice and it still never sees Hammond. I drive a 95 Jimmy as a daily. It's got nothing special in there other than my 9855 and a rigged up "component" set. I've got an alarm on that too. If you want an alarm, I recommend DEI products (Viper, Python, Clifford, Avital). You can pick them up for pretty cheap online if you know how to install them. They're not hard.