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you'd have to do 4x 4" aeros.. I have 3 now and people are tellin me im a little underported...

And FYI to everyone sayin thats a big box for sealed.. Im pretty sure FI recommends 5 or 6cu. MINIMUM for a sealed box on this sub... Ported box starts at 6cu. ft up to 10... you may be a cu. ft. under spec if you go ported... I recently went from sealed to ported, and im MUCH happier ported.. Can't even tell a diff. in SQ
Right now i'm at 7.2cuft internal before sub and bracing. You still think i'd be to small for aeroports?? if I decided to go that route. I've heard from several people that its a huge difference and I can't imagine cause to me its loud as hell now, I don't have any problem getting louder of course