Well im goin to go ahead an start the thread up bc within the next 2 weeks my comps an amp for them will be in. Im goin to have a pair of Massive CK6 components in the front doors. A pair of the CK5 comps in the rear doors, on the Massive P800.4. My front an rear doors are goin to have glassed pods to hold the comps. by mid Oct i will start the boxes for the CW15s. 2 6 or 7 cube boxes ported at 34hz. boxes will be stacked an bolted together. there will be a trim panel made to go on the front of the 2 boxes an will be walled off pretty much. Im goin to have 2 of the Massive P1500.1s, one on each pair. as far as electrical. 4 runs of 1/0 Kicker. A kinetik 800 in the engine bay and 2 kinetik 1400s in the rear. A EA 200 amp alternator. an most of the car will have Damplifier with a layer of Overkill. This build is goin to be a big test for me. If everything goes according to plan it will be done by Christmas. The main reason for this build is to have a loud daily driver that does 150+ on music, show off some of my skills as im goin to eventually be opening a shop with my brother. his build will be goin on roughly the same time as mine. he is doin an all kicker setup in his 98 ranger reg cab. his will have lots of fiberglass, custom upholstery an will be bagged, he already has his mids/highs an amps for them. so stay tuned, stick with me, an you guys will not be dissapointed on the final outcomes of either one.