Headunit: Kenwood Excelon KE-KDCX791
Fronts: JL Audio 5x7 JL TR570CXL
Rears: (Nothing Yet) Thinking Pioneer 6x8's or 6x9s.
Front/Rear Amp: MA Audio 100RMS x 4.
Subs: 3 - Pioneer Premier TS-W2501D4
Sub Amp: Kicker Zx 2500.1, Viper 2500D (For the time being)
Wiring: KnuKonceptz Flex 0 Gauge, Iconnects 4 gauge.
RCAs: Some cheap blue brand.
Trunk Battery: Kinetik HC2400

The car:
1995 Mustang V6.

The goods:

I plan on having 3 10" Pioneer Premier subs in a Ported box. (I need someone to do box dimensions for me, I will pay 4.50 USD over paypal because thats I all have left )
I will measure the trunk tomorrow and figure out how much room I have for the box.
The sub Amp will be mounted under my back seats, since it doesn't get warm, I might just put one cooling fan or maybe even none because its close to the body.
I'm currently waiting for the Viper 2500D to get back from the repair shop because its my friends and I'm getting it fixed, hes letting me use it. Then Ill be getting my Zx2500 fixed and using that.
I will be having Big 3 with the excess 4 gauge I have and running both amps off the back battery therefore not needing the 20 ft of 4 gauge. I might have 2 runs of 4 gauge for my Big 3.

Subs will be pushing ~700-800 RMS each if the amp puts out a full 2500 @ 2 Ohms.
3 - 4 Ohm DVC subs is 2.666666666 ohms... So I would assume around 2100 or 2000 RMS from the Zx.

Any suggestions / thoughts?
Build will be happening once I get my **** Viper back.
Thanks for reading