Posted this up in the wanted section, but I fiugred if may get a few more views from the people with the skills here.

I need a custom built control box built, because I have no time to do it. It will need to house (1) Single Din Cd Player, (1) Master Power Switch to turn on cd player & volt veters, (2) RF Volt Meters (I can make a template for the cutout if needed). The design of the enclosure will be up to you, go as crazy as you want with it, just remember it needs to be handheld and functional. It MUST have an access to the inside somewhere on the enclosure, wether it be screw on or hinge type.

I would really like someone who can do BOTH glass work and final painting and has some decent skill with a paint gun/airbrush, but it is optional, I can have it done locally if needed as long as the finished piece is up to quality standards and finish.

I would REALLY like to see some photos of prospective builders previous work (build logs always a plus). Once I have decided on a builder, then I will go over some of the smaller details with them.