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does adding all that 0awg from the main battery and alt really help that much?
I would think most of the power would be coming from the rear batteries.. I would think a max of 2x0awg of both pos and neg to keep it charged up.

Just wondering cuz i have some extra laying around and i want to know if its worth running it or using it else where.
It definitely helps. Doing 3 second burps, I saw my voltage stay another .5-.6V higher because of the Big 3. And that was swithcing from 4gauge to 0gauge.

The I put a HC2000 up front and it stayed another .4V higher during the same burps. Put the Batcap2000 in the rear, and another .3V. Made some buss bars for the Kinetik up front, and gained another .2-.3V on the dmm.

I went from dropping down to 11.3-4V, to Never going below 12.8V.