lets try and get this list up and going so hopefully we can get some new/more competitors out this season!!!!

you can post what ever organization you know of or show and shines.. (Iasca,Db Drag, ECT.)

here's some Db Drag Racing Shows in Alberta that i know of, when i find more in any province's i'll update.

MAY......... 15th or 16th JB's Power Center Edmonton Alberta (first show of the year!!!!)

JUNE........ 21st JB's (edmonton), 22nd F/X AUDIO (spruce grove), 23rd Liquid Audio (red deer)

JULY.........19th JB's (edmonton), 20th F/X AUDIO (spruce grove), 21st Liquid Audio (red deer)

AUGUST....16th JB's (edmonton), 17th F/X AUDIO (spruce grove X3 point event), 18th Liquid Audio (red deer possibly X2 point)