I live in the San Luis Obispo area to go to Cuesta and not Calpoly . Driving on Santa Rosa with nothing to do I decided to check out Lombardi's car audio shop. Two of the main guys where in Vegas at the CES show but I talked with a kid in his mid 20's or so.

I talked to him about Dynaudio (which they carry, yet not much of) and DLS, which he has the iridiums in his car, I asked if i could test one of my amps to see if they were still working. Hey said he could do it and assured me i didn't have to give him anything. After that we talked about old school PPI art series amps, about zapcos and Orion Hcca's. So these guys do know the classics are at least

I took a look at some of their installs and they seemed to know how to make a very clean install. Giving them a good rave because there wasn't any product shoved down my throat when i showed interest, in the 9887 HU, and the owners are more SQ oriented in a College town filled with SPL heads.

BTW they had the alpine type X pros and the dyn's right next to each other on the sound board. I liked the f1 inspired tweet on the X's better than the Dyn's. It was more somewhat in your face without being to harsh. Yet it seemed like at such high scream guitar notes it was some how a little muffled.

The Dyn's I liked slightly better as a whole because they just had a greater midbass ability and had a softer sound altogether. I had the impression that there was just a greater flow from highs to lows with the dyns. Very well balanced. Either way both sounded ****.