I dont know which of the two names it is. There is one sign outside that says Deisey Sound and another that says Daisy Sound. They sell low end stuff and imitations. If you need some accessories they'll have 'em but the guy will charge ya a couple bucks more than its worth. Some of the guys, well all of em dont really know what theyre doing. I had a couple amps installed in my 92 camry a while back and back then i didnt know much about car audio (4 years ago). I ended up rewiring things and they took the easy way out. Plus I asked the guy how much an Audiocontrol (not sure which one what it was) but he said 150 and he said he can get me an "aftermarket" Hitron for half the price and it works just as good and he's got it in his car. He really didnt know what he's talkin about cos there is a quality difference and Audiocontrol is an aftermarket brand as well. I'd say stay away!