I spoke with Moe a while back about buying his DP 15. He did not want to sell it at all. I told him if he ever thought about selling it, i was a for sure buyer. Out of no where i get an IM from him saying he might sell his DP. I was all over that deal like white on rice.

Anywayz, this was a different type of deal....I had to sell my magnums and use that money to buy two Lethal injection 12s from IA and have them shipped to his house. So its kind of a 3 way deal......Well, he was very patient with me because he knew Money was on the way from Cali and i was in TN. Soon as i got the money, i ordered his Lethal injection 12s and told Nick from IA to confirm he received my payment and that he will be shipping him his subs soon. Well i received my DP 15 today and i havent taken my eyes off it.

Words simply can describe how good this guy is. Very patient and understanding. I would definately do business with him again.

Oh and he should be receiving his Lethals anyday now

Oh and not to mention, i didnt know how to wire a quad coil sub, so he pre wired it for me and also included a wiring diagram along. Great guy here folks

Big Thanks to Nick from Incriminator Audio for being patient with the both of us and our 3 way deal.