This was one of the most unusual transactions that Ive experienced over the years.Especially an older amp being sent directly to being benched to another destination rather than directly to the buyer.LOl. Kinda makes you wonder if the amp will survive the ride to both destinations as well as surviving the testing with Dyno gear set up.In the back of ones mind can only think of just what happens if the amp gets severely damaged during shipment and if the Caps or Mosfets actually fail during testing as old as the amps is?Ive always tested all my amps on vehicle power along with subs and speakers that are installed, or easily accessible to utilize, before shipping out.I generally run them pretty Hard for a good 2 weeks through every ohm load thats safe before even Posting.Id deff have to thank bigblank69 for testing this out and giving some realistic numbers that everyone more than likely have been wanting to know for such a long time.Also for being Honest and making sure it met its final destination.