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I tried buying his 9518's. I sent payment for one and he said it shipped out but never gave me tracking do I kept asking for it but he'd ignore me. Then tells me ups dropped it off at his house due to bad packaging.. I was skeptical about buying from him in the first place but I tried it anyway. I'm just glad he refunded my money, I thought I was going to have to open a PayPal claim.
I mean story after story. I just got a message 20 hours ago saying he guarantees the amp works unless I blew it. Iv had it for a few weeks now and it still hasnt even been hooked up to even see if it works. Havent got my level 6 yet. But the point is even if it works its not what I paid for. He said he would refund me in a week because his paypal is on hold. But its been a month and a half now since I sent the payment. Talking about slow.......We will see. Why would he refund me for an amp he thinks I blew up. Im even skeptical about sending him the amp back before I get my money. He might end up with his burnt up amp back and my cash. I think I should wipe my hands and be done.