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Reload Thread: I am not a scammer!

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    Re: I am not a scammer!

    Quote Originally Posted by aquafire View Post

    After long last me and Louisiana connected today via text and he has been fully refunded. My apologies to the community and Louisiana. It was absolutely never my intent to scam anyone. I'm just happy I was able to make things right.
    It doesn't get any better than that. Great job. Glad to hear you lived through the accident. Those bike crashes can he bad and deadly.

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    Re: I am not a scammer!

    Quote Originally Posted by aquafire View Post

    Remember this?

    Pioneer AVD-W6010 Detachable 6.5" Wide Screen LCD

    Here's the deal. In 2010 I was hit by a transport truck on my motorcycle. I had recovered enough by August to start piecing out my car audio collection. The unit worked fine the last time I had used it. Louisiana contacted me via pm saying it was missing a cord. He bought in August and did not contact me until Sept saying it was not working. By this time I had gone under the knife and had my neck cut open for nerve transfer surgery. I did not return here after as my recovery was long and I was bed ridden. The only contact I had with him was me replying to him calling me a scammer by saying "Scammer? it worked fine". I have not been back after the surgery. I was shocked at the comments here!!!

    My apologies to Louisiana. I am not a scammer and I pay my debts.

    How did I find this again? Somebody called me out on it on another forum and I couldn't understand how I wouldn't have helped him out.

    I have sent him a pm for his paypal and will refund him immediately.

    good for you dude! glad youre here doing the right thing even after so long! glad youre alright


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    Re: I am not a scammer!

    Dem shoes....

    Things to look forward to:
    (2) 10" or 12" imperium audio designs subs
    set of PHD MF 6.5" comps
    Completely seal off and deaden my doors
    aquire a 2k amp
    aquire a 2 channel amp for front stage

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