I've literally done hundreds of transactions on here and only have 3 feedbacks, c'mon you lazy turds! here is a short list of the stuff I still have in my paypal. PM's, emails etc... this is not even like 10% of the transactions I have done over the years but they are some of the more recent. PLEASE, for the love of god, leave me some feedback.

Valin: Memphis 4Kw trade
AudioXtremes: purchased 300A ext. reg'd alt from you
JRsmoothee: Bought your Aura Bass Shakers
JaredSPL: Bought an APX18 from you
Pipo: Bought a XXX-6500D form you (3 all together actualy and some TRC.6N's)
3Kracing: traded my MM4000.1D for you VX2200D and cash
RE_Gawker: sold you a XXX-6500D
MustangGT25YRS: purchased like 50ft 2/0 wire from you
LazyRider: purchased PS2 games from you
hazardous0388: purchased a Crunch P1800.4 from me
loudcartunez: purchased 4/0 wire from you
mazzasec: sold you some 2/0 wire
Queball: traded my MX15 and cash for your Memphis 4Kw
it lbs: sold you my external regulator
WildcatNate: purchased PS2 games from you
lowrnu: sold you my DC Soundlabs/BatCap 2000's
Metsfan89: purchased a blown P1500.1 from you
Dave_Damage: traded my XXX-6500D's for your RUB, XSC.5's and cash
Cobra65427289: traded my TC4 for you DB1100D and XX-Zeus
9515Rob: sold you a 220A ford alternator
Adrian1185: traded my XX-Zeus for you 15" Juggernaut
NJTStang11: bought my XXX-6500's from me