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Reload Thread: hrtbrk1 GREAT SELLER!

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    hrtbrk1 GREAT SELLER!

    bought a sundown bass knob off of him and told him I didn't need it for a while as the build won't be for a bit.. Well he planned to ship it out immediately and did not get a chance due to work.. Understandable and told me about it.. I told him not a problem just whenever you can as I don't really need it atm.. Well he sent it out the next day or so after that and sent some free Knu Rca cables(decent ones at that!) and some 1/0 ga ring terminals! Good people here although I already knew that but thought I would let you all know

    Bought from: Sctattooer, Korn4Life, wgsj_fortvalley, bk12321, Queball, bumpincrv, Splmaster, 310w6, Buck, liljojo4711
    Everyone I have Bought from has been awesome.. feel safe with any of them..

    Sold To: Iakona, dustinr, squeak12, Worstenemy453, BeAlLsTaR13, rmzsuzuki89, c_b_, mendon mafia, dropped_tb, SPLluminator, violence., power-fanatic07, schackel, michaellane, aviator08, kodak314, dropped_tb
    Ref Link
    -b15spec, 727kid, pshull727, Nt_Hardcore

    Want/Need ANL fuses cheap 150a 200a 250a 300a

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    Re: hrtbrk1 GREAT SELLER!

    thanks man! glad you liked the products

    If you ever dealt with me in the past...please post how our transation went here...--><--...i greatly appreciate your support

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