I'm a fan of Bones DVD and this season has excellent. Most TV begins to drop, the fourth season, or too many characters in compensation or the frequency of episodes. Bones not out of the whole series can calculate the number of episodes on the other hand I do not want. This is a good alternative to the mainstream many spoke of crime in the Supernatural DVD there. This packaging of realism, comedy, action, adventure, mystery, and pseudo-science, all in one show, the roles could not be more beautiful or enjoyable to watch, week after week.
If you have not seen any of those just buy season 1,2, and 3 you will certainly not disappoint, and he値l give you something to do while you wait for the DVD release of the How I Met Your Mother DVD Note also the season if you have not seen 1.2 or 3, you can feel a little lost 4 lost time alone. The authors have done a great job maintaing continuity in history through all seasons, there will be many jokes, comments and subplots that it will be difficult to understand without Lost DVD. Highly recommended.
Season 4 is not in the first three seasons of Criminal Minds DVD. Although the story is good, Brennan has become a stereotype of a woman professional.