"My computer crahsed, and all my iTunes got erased. Is there any way to get my music back to my computer directly from my iPod?" Many iPod users may have come across this. But don't worry. This can be very easy.
All you need is this iPod music to computer transfer software.

The following are easy steps:

Step 1: Free Download this iPod to computer transfer and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Connect iPod to your computer.

Step 3: Launch this iPod to computer transfer program and all the content of your iPod, including music and videos will be automatically displayed. See screenshot as follows:

Step 4: Select the files that you want to transfer by clicking on them. Ctrl key for multi-files select. Click right button of your mouse can select all songs.

Note: you can only select first 5 songs in trial version.

Step 5: Click "Copy" button to select output path and start to transfer songs and videos to your computer:

Done. Now all songs and videos are copied from your iPod to your computer, and you can easily import those files into your iTunes library now.

As you can see, the whole transfer process is extremely handy. Simply select and click "Copy", and all music and videos are put onto your computer again. Why now get it to enjoy now? This will surely save you lots of time and energy.
Easy and safe.

Hope this can hep you.