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Reload Thread: path2spl - Honest and Reliable

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    path2spl - Honest and Reliable

    Doug was a huge help in completing a three-way deal between him, myself, and another member here on CA. His part of the deal was to ship a working driver to me and he delivered accordingly. The driver was packed extremely well and was in perfect operating condition. He kept the lines of communication open at all times and everything went smoothly.

    I appreciate your efforts, Doug. Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by audioholic View Post
    Saying "clipping doesn't kill speakers" is a half-truth at best. Technically no, clipping itself does not hurt the speaker. But in clipping your amp, you can easily create a situation that WILL kill the speaker. Was the squared waveform the DIRECT cause of the failure? No. In the end, the answer is, always has been, and can only be... heat kills speakers. BUT, clipping increases heat generation, sometimes by a drastic amount. So to start a thread simply to state that clipping does not hurt speakers is, again, a half-truth at best.

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    Re: path2spl - Honest and Reliable

    Doug is an excellent person to deal with.

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