First of all, thanks to everyone here, all were great sellers, and would gladly do business with again.

PerfecxionX-- Bought a pair of Sundown SD-1s from him, subs arrived in perfect condition, very quick shipper as well.

Vitveet-- Picked up a small box from him again for the Sundowns, work was solid for the price, and could not be happier, thumbs up. Also, another quick shipper.

Sundowz--Thanks for the info I needed on these subs, and all the outstanding customer service you have offered over the last few years, Sundown Audio is a quality product, and everyone should know. Truthfully, I have not bought anything from you, but I know you have answerd about a 1000 questions I have had for various products, and I just wanted to say I apperciated that.

Once again, thanks to all these gentlemen, and for everyone else I have done business with.