He is a good guy... I am sure you have all seen the thread about the XXX i got from him and everything as well as the posts in his F/S thread... He is NOT a scammer in my opinion. Yes, there was a bit of "misinformation" but he is making it up to me and squaring everything up.
He did ship the sub VERY fast which is amazing as it weighs like 75lbs. It did get to me without further damage so packaging did the job. We have all made mistakes!! Atleast he is being a man and fixing things rather than being a punk and just running away from the site/problem.

PLEASE do not be afraid to deal with him, I am sure after this whole ordeal he will be very upfront about hte condition of his merchandise. Also i can say that the TA92001 he is selling was 100% working when i shipped it and as far as i know he hasn't even hooked it up or anythign so it should still be good. Birthsheet was like 38XX @ 1ohm RMS