Ordered a set of ID OEM's from him about a week and a half ago, we agreed that if I sent him an extra $15 he would ship Priority mail, so I would get them within a few days. Well I ordered them on a Friday and he was going to ship out the next day, or Monday, and I was hoping to have them by Wednesday or Thursday.

But he was having problems with the USPS site and his printer not working, which is understandable, no big deal. I already had music in the car so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal waiting a few more days. I think he ended up shipping them out Wednesday, via UPS 3-day because he was having problems with USPS, and according to the tracking number I got it said they weren't supposed to arrive until Monday, the 17th, which didn't make me happy, at all.

So I get home from running some errands on this last Friday, to see UPS drop off my package, and I was excited. I contacted HessDawg, told him they came and how everything looked A-OK (but one was bent, look at my thread, but I fixed it), and for the inconvenience of me having to wait an extra few days to get the mids (again, no big deal), he offered to REFUND me the extra $15 I gave him to ship Priority Mail. Seeing as he was such a good guy that always got back to me ASAP, I said NO, because in the end he did ship them Priority and I had to wait only 2 extra days.

To sum things up, AWESOME seller, excellent communication, stand up guy, and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy, and even offered to refund me the $15 I gave him for extra shipping because of the problems he was having with USPS.

Oh, and the mids sound FANTASTIC!