I bought a Kicker sx700.4 from davesexplorer. I dug the for sale thread up from about a month back and sent him a pm. It took him a few days to respond, but he said that he still had the amp amp and would take my offer. I paid him on a weekend and he said that he had to work overtime on Monday but would get it shipped out by Tuesday at the latest. Tuesday came and went and I didn't hear from him. I sent him a pm and asked what the deal was. Several days later I got a response saying that he had some stuff happen at work and that he got tied up. I was in no hurry to get the amp so I said it was no problem and to ship the amp when he was able to. He said that he would ship the amp 3 day select due to the delay, that way the amp would arrive around the same time as it would have if he'd shipped when he was originally supposed to. I waited for a tracking number for another week and heard nothing. This time he didn't ever respond to my emails or pms. After waiting two weeks, I contacted paypal and filed a claim. They put a hold on his account for the money I had paid him and gave him 10 days to either provide a tracking number or issue a refund. A few days later I recieved an email from paypal with a tracking number, and then a week later a package showed up on my porch. I got the amp that I paid for, in the condition it was supposed to be in. It was packaged in a kicker box, with foam and cardboard protection which was fine, but he didn't cover the box with anything so everyone knew that the package was a kicker amp. Not a big deal though since I got the amp. Anyway, I never got an explaination from him on what happened, and still haven't, but since I got the amp the paypal claim was dropped and all is good. Still wish I knew what the problem was. All in all, it took me over 4 weeks to get the amp. With all that being said, I did get the amp that I paid for, and it was in the condition that he said it was in.

note: I still haven't hooked the amp up, so can't say for sure that it works, although I have no reason to suspect that it won't. It is in great shape.