So it was received in an orderly manner. Shipping was very reasonable.

I immediately noticed the quality feel of the product. Its top notch stuff.
So I proceeded to install it in my doors. Could have used a little more but hell it was free [thanks SS, ANT]

Squeezing it along the crevices and creases was not too hard, I did it with my hands.
After that was done, I assembled everything and gave it a try.
The midbass is slightly better, but the road noise and wind reduction was a little more what I was lookin for. I love it.
My doors are very thin metal and this made a significant improvement in midbass and noise reduction.
I havent used any other kind of sound deadening to compare these to, but Im sure I'd notice some kind of difference, especially with proper testing.

Very good stuff. Im gonna need to buy some more.