Bought from him,

-new kinetik hc1400 battery w/two knukoncepts battery terminals

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-At first:
Communication was good, seemed like a nice guy. Everything went well, day before he shipped i asked "so ur sending me those knukonceptz terminals along with the battery correct?" he said said yes. All was fine and dandy.

-Received package:
Not packaged well @ all... I dont know what he was thinking, he put the battery in a pretty large box and stuffed crumbled notebook paper ??????? all around the battery with some old newspapers. The battery was not pinned down in the box; it was able to freely roll around. Battery has some pretty decent sized dings and chips on the corners from UPS handling and he threw in the battery posts without wrapping them so the battery got kind of dinged from those i think. Didnt really care about that, but i was still like... "wtf, couple sheets of notebook paper?". And to point out, he did not ship me the knukonceptz teerminals that were included in the sale. (gay)

-Communication confirming after the package was delivered:

heres the convo on AIM
justin35235 (9:41:23 PM): hi
yuhpy (9:41:30 PM): hi'
justin35235 (9:41:36 PM): you get the battery?
yuhpy (9:42:17 PM): yea, but u didnt send the terminals...
justin35235 (9:42:36 PM): i put them all in the box. two in the battery and the posts were add to
yuhpy (9:44:21 PM): i thought u were going to send the knukoncepts like u said???
justin35235 (9:44:52 PM): i didn't think you ment those. I thought you ment all the posts that came with the battery
justin35235 (9:44:59 PM): sorry for the confusion
yuhpy (9:45:30 PM): yea u said u would send a set, but u didnt so yea.. errr..
justin35235 signed off at 9:45:45 PM.

He signed off and blocked me after i askt him why he didnt ship the terminals... (as you can see by the times)

All in all, im glad i got the battery at least... This guy seemed pretty cool, we talked on AIM... but then he kind of was a ******** about the whole deal with shipping the terminals...