i bought a american bass CX100.1 from him. he shipped it to me first with no problem, and things went fine.

i was a middle man for the buy, and my friend gave me the money today. the amp got here yesterday (monday the 26th of march 2007) and i could not get it from the post office because it was closed due to me being at school.

i got the amp today, brand new like he said. i tested it and it worked fine. came with brand new remote gain as well.

i asked him if i could send the money tommrow because the bank was closed and i could not get to a teller to deposit as the transaction would go through tomrrow anyway, he needed the monies for a vfl400.1 - so i went to the bank and deposited it via an envalope.

i had paypal to him by 8pm today. so hopefully he can get his amp by his competition this weekend.

awesome seller. i would not hesitate to do any buisness with him again.

i hope the little misunderstanding all worked out fine for him. amp got here perfect, and money got to him (plus paypal fees). so everything should be good