Check it, i been wanting a laptop specifically for my Termlab. So i made a WTB thread on this forum. this guy name "Harold" aka hcoronado offered a good *** price and laptop. So i kept asking and PMing him about other ways of contacting him and everything, it took a long time to get a response. It was hard for my to trust him that time. So then yesterday hits, and gives me a PM to call his number. I call it and he was telling me alot of the good stuff about the laptop. How he's going to give me an extra battery, ac charger, upgraded memory and harddrive, etc. I was like hmmmm... it this too good to be true? so then we talked business and told him to post on ebay just to be safe, so he said he will have it shipped that day and get it the next. So that happened and i paid instantly.

Throughout the whole day i was like *** i hope i get this laptop. Then boom this morning i hear...

DING! DONG! i was like o **** LAPTOP! so i ran and boom a DELL BOX. opened it up and what do i find? A Dell Case. and everything else.

Overall, everything works and in great condition. Thanks alot harold. i highly appreciate it.