SAG3 saw the thread I made regarding a Kenwood HU and two Kenwood amplifiers I was/am trying to sell.

He expressed interest in the KAC-606 2ch I had and asked if I could check to see if shipping to Hawaii would be the same as the price I had posted in the thread. I checked around and found that the cheapest option was USPS Priority and let him know.

I was then informed that he definately wanted it and that I could expect payment later on that evening so I could get it shipped out the next morning.

A little while later payment in full came through via PayPal complete with a PayPal Confirmed shipping address.

My local Post Office made a bit of a mistake and managed somehow to fail to scan the package when it was being processed for sorting so the Delivery Confirmation number was not ever active to show that it left the sorting facility when it was supposed to.

SAG3 was unendingly patient while I tried to stay on top of his amplifier's whereabouts and never once gave me any grief about where his merchandise was.

The amplifier arrived at his location in Hawaii today and he notified me so that I would know it arrived safely.

I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to do a transaction with him again.

SAG3 ~ Thanks for both your business and your patience. Trading partners like you do worlds of good to restore folks' faith after seeing so many trades go wrong here.

A+ Buyer!!!!!!