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Reload Thread: Arkansas Car Stereo - Little Rock, AR

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    Re: Arkansas Car Stereo - Little Rock, AR

    I went into this place today and you can be sure that I will never go back. I walked in the door and the salesman asked what I looking for. I told him and he started pointing things out to me. Then the phone rings he goes answer it. He keeps talking to the guy then says let me go see if I have what you are looking for in stock, off he goes to the back room while I am still waiting. He comes back resumes his conversation with the person on the phone. Hangs up the phone and two guys walk in the store and starts answering these guys questions. He starts showing them around while looking at me. I was ready to drop some serious money this guy named Steve seemed to care less. I don't mind waiting my turn but I am not going to keep sliding down his list of things to get around to. I have an appointment at another shop to have my new equipment installed.

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    Re: Arkansas Car Stereo - Little Rock, AR

    Let me be the first to step up and extend an olive branch on their behalf to you because I personally know each and every one of those guys. They don't have anyone by the name of Steve that works there so it must have been Ed that started out helping you. They have been extremely short handed on the sales side and I do humbley ask you to give them another chance to earn your business because these are really some good guys. In fact I just got off the phone with their shop manager Jack Todd about this issue, just as soon as I read your post I called him and he stated that he would go out of his way to make sure that they try to accomadate you as best they can. It may not mean anything to you but because I know that they are good guys I would even be willing to meet you there and offer any assistance that I can......I know that first impressions can often make or break a place or create a life long customer or enemy and that sometimes people and places don't always get it right the first time but if given the chance to right any wrong they would definently do it different.....please give them a chance to make it right......Rick

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