View Full Version : Help my math is teh ****** cant figure out box size

05-16-2005, 10:06 PM
I need your help guys my math is not working this year :D

I have a Pioneer Premier TS-W1500SPL 10" sub coming and Im making a ported box for it basicly 3/4" MDF back and sides with a fiberglass front end. My first attempt on fiberglass from you guys inspiring me I might add. I cant figure out what size to make this box. I have a box here that I would like to modify (hack apart) to make my back end, and save money, but im not sure the size to cut it.

Pioneer says:
ported box : 1.25cu.ft
port: 3" x 6"
speaker displacement: 0.049cu.ft (I dont know if they ment speaker size or air movement cause the speaker looks bigger than that on the pics)

my current box is(Inside Dimensions):
28 1/2" wide
12 1/2" high
12 1/2" deep

I would like to cut it to 8 or 9" deep (ID) and keep the height. I can close the box off in width inside keeping the length intact on the outside to hold my AP1200. Can someone please give me a dimesions I can use to work on so i hit the 1.25cu.ft?